With the increase in recent high profile active shooter/workplace attacks, more businesses are taking precautions to prevent acts of violence. Learn the Crisis Management steps of preparation and prevention for this unique exposure. One important step is Obtaining Active Shooter Insurance Coverage – learn the details.
In this session, participants will examine the latest ISO Personal Auto Policy coverage form to discuss concerns, challenges, and potential solutions related to the gig economy of personal ridesharing through Transportation Network Companies like Uber, Lyft, Zipcar, and other similar app-based programs.
The SECURE Act became effective late last year and will usher in some of the most sweeping changes to retirement plans in decades. After an overview of significant retirement laws, agents will discuss the purpose of the SECURE Act. They will better understand some of the key changes outlined in the act. They will examine how the SECURE Act impacts employer-sponsored retirement plans, defined contribution plans, defined benefit plans, individual retirement accounts, and 529 plans. They will identify and consider retirement planning solutions, including life insurance, for issues created because of this act.
Participants will be introduced to the three major government programs available to most U.S. citizens. They will learn the requirements to qualify for the programs, the benefits these programs have, and the gaps that exist.
This 4-hour session is designed to give agents a practical and better understanding of personal and commercial marine insurance policies unique coverages, exclusions, and warranties. Agents will learn terminology associated with personal and commercial marine insurance and discuss the basic underwriting criteria and market structure. They will identify the liability and property exposures, including an explanation of the policies available to handle these exposures. They will examine the differences between personal and commercial marine insurance and the major underwriting issues.
In this session, participants will understand the role and function of an insurance adjuster and importance of their relationship with the insurance agency, avoiding bad faith claims, and misconceptions about coverages and exclusions under certain personal and commercial policies.
Identify the reasons for providing the necessary insurance coverage for their high-net-worth client’s collections the challenges associated with this unique exposure. Understand valuation issues, appraisal practices, and use actual scenarios to examine the damage assessment process.
Agents will discuss how to insure building projects using Builders Risk Coverage forms. They will identify some of the pitfalls to using Commercial Property policies to cover construction and renovation projects. They will review key features to look for in a Builders Risk Policy and discuss how to examine important conditions and exclusions related to coverage. They will learn how to use the Installation Floater to meet the needs of trade contractors involved in building projects.
Agents will gain a better understanding of the current exposures associated with cyber risks and ways to protect their clients and themselves. They will discuss how to insure this rapidly growing exposure. Discussion will include cyber liability composition and cyber insurance policy coverage analysis.
Employers face significant challenges navigating through current societal issues, which may include workplace bullying, transgender discrimination, gender biases, and social media practices. In this course, agents will learn how to identify these exposures and discuss the best way to coordinate EPL, Cyber Liability, and Professional Liability coverages with the standard CGL policy.


8 Hours



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No Exam